Do you want to know why to choose us?

A property is a precious asset, the result of dreams and sacrifices. Entrusting an apartment or building to an agency is like handing your "treasure" into the hands of someone else. To do this without fear or reservations, it is essential to choose the right person with whom to start this path. Why choose Lapiccirella real estate studio among the many proposals of real estate agencies? We could give you different reasons to do it, but we have chosen some that are fundamental for us.

Multidisciplinary approach

We are able to offer a wide range of services and meet all your specific needs: from property search to its management, from legal assistance to renovation advice.

We know how to listen

After understanding, we personally put ourselves in the customer's shoes, to share their real needs, dreams and ambitions. We take the customer by the hand and accompany him on this path, protecting his interests and advising him in the best possible way thanks to our professionalism, until the common final goal is reached: buying / selling a house in peace. The customer is the heart of our way of understanding this profession.

Experience and competence

We are professionals with proven competence who follow their customers with extreme care and attention. The result is a unique combination: a highly personalized service that is pleasantly different from the real estate standard.

We value your time

We pay great attention to matching supply and demand through a very careful preventive selection. With us you will have the certainty of investing your time in the best possible way exclusively on proposals in full target with your real needs, thus avoiding unpleasant waste of time.


We have paid great attention to the creation of a network of valid professionals operating on the market with whom we share the values ​​of our mission. Lawyers, notaries, architects, surveyors will be able, if necessary, to follow you and carry out all the practices. Furthermore, we will be able to recommend the loan that best suits your needs thanks to agreements with various banks. For renovations and removals you can count on construction companies and craftsmen who have been collaborating with us for years.

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