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Property Finding

If you are looking for an investment or a house to live in, Studio Immobiliare Lapiccirella is the solution for you. We will help you in choosing the neighborhood that best suits your needs and we will find the perfect home for you, through a careful search among our personal contacts and independent agencies.


Our apartments are rented for both long and short periods. Through sophisticated research and marketing mechanisms, and through private contacts or specialized sites, Studio Immobiliare Lapiccirella identifies tenants with excellent references, who take care of your apartment as if it were their own.


Forniamo un servizio di ristrutturazione completo del vostro immobile, con modalità “CHIAVI IN MANO”: è compresa la progettazione, la direzione lavori, una guida nella scelta delle finiture, lo studio della luce, l’arredamento degli interni. Il tutto con il vantaggio di rivolgersi ad un unico interlocutore ed un’unica Azienda, evitando di passare da un artigiano all’altro. Pensiamo Noi ad ogni cosa!
Svolgiamo tutto il lavoro richiesto a partire dalla progettazione fino realizzazione dell’intervento, con costi competitivi, in brevissimo tempo e nel massimo rispetto delle esigenze del cliente.


In the event of a transfer we will make you feel at home in Florence from day one, finding the ideal home for you and your family, and assisting you in all the necessary aspects including moving, opening a bank account, researching schools and any other need. We take care of the process from start to finish, taking care of every detail.

Property Management

We provide management services for your real estate properties in Florence. The professionals we use are competent and reliable, have great experience with all problems related to the maintenance of buildings, which they treat with the utmost professionalism and applying competitive prices.

Legal advice

Buying and selling real estate in Italy can be complex, especially for a foreign buyer. We are able with our team to give support and assistance, even legal, to make the process with all its necessary steps safer and more understandable.

Other Services

Estimates and Evaluations

We evaluate residential, industrial and commercial buildings free of charge through an inspection and the retrieval of all those elements capable of providing the exact consistency of the properties in order to establish their most likely market price for the sale and / or lease.

Cadastral surveys

Cadastral surveys are important and necessary documents for the sale or rental of a property. We are able to follow the entire procedural process of any practice also to let those who want to buy a property know the actual feasibility of the work they intend to carry out later on that property. The law provides that the owner of a property must ensure that the state of affairs is in compliance with the projects present and deposited in the Municipality and in the Land Registry. Everything must be checked quickly and at a stage prior to the sale.

A.P.E. ( Energy Performance Certificate)

The Energy Performance Certificate (A.P.E.) also known as Energy Certification is a ten-year document that the law requires when you want to sell or rent a property. This document is of fundamental importance for the conclusion of any real estate deal and Lapiccirella Immobiliare relies on a serious and professional collaborator who in a short time and at the right price will provide your property with this Certificate.

Mortgage Advice

Our credit professionals are prepared to accompany you in an objective and informed choice, allowing you to identify the best mortgage for your needs and thus plan your future commitment in a conscious and sustainable way. Through a leading credit brokerage company, the credit professionals who collaborate with Immobiliare Lapiccirella can convey one of the most complete mortgage offers on the market.

Tourist Rentals

If you want to rent a holiday home in Tuscany, among the artistic and natural beauties, food and wine and the sociability of wonderful places ... you can count on our expertise as a real estate agency for holiday homes. Tell us your needs and the period of your vacation and we will offer you a personalized solution. Our holiday homes in Florence, in the province and throughout Tuscany are selected among the most welcoming and close to the most renowned places; they are always subject to maintenance and system updates.

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